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Take your jewellery designs to the next level with Silversilk! Create unique jewellery designs with Silversilk knitted wire chain which is incredibly fine, lightweight, strong and flexible. ! Silversilk is machine stitched to perfection from thin wires and can be cut without fraying making it a unique alternative to other stringing materials. Finish your necklaces and bracelets using Silversilk Capture End Caps and add your own style by attaching beads, charms or pendants!

SilverSilk Flat:
Knitted with round wire and then flattened through a rolling mill. This Silversilk knit is perfect for bracelet making as it’s supple, light, flexible mesh. Made from enamelled pure copper wire. Flat knit comes in a variety of finishes.

SilverSilk Capture:
Six wires are knitted around a beaded chain, capturing the light reflections and strengthening the chain. Match up with other stringing material or use on its own to create a simple necklace or bracelet.

Silversilk Pearlesque:
Pearlesque is similar to the Capture style, with six AB metallic threads surrounding a beaded chain on the inside, on top of this a third layer of knitted threads is placed. Its three layers allow for more dimension in your designs, and the AB finish on the inside plays with the light to make this strand sparkle.

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