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DIY Alice Band Annabelle

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Create this beautiful Alice Band using Swarovski crystals and Beadalon Crafting Wire. Made in a few easy steps this lovely Alice Band will look minimalistic yet elegant with an added sparkle. You can make your own variations by using our silver Alice Band instead and/or adding different Swarovski Crystal buttons and Swarovski Bicones

Start by threading the Swarovski button onto the wire and around the Alice Band, form the petals that frame the button with the bicones while you continue wrapping the wire so you will get the shape of a flower. Make sure that your wire is wrapped tightly around the Alice Band so your finished flower won't slide up and down. Add a single bicone onto the Alice Band above and below the flower to for a finishing touch. Cut the wire off when the flower is secure and press the wire ends tightly to the Alice Band. 

Tools needed:
- Chain Nose Pliers
- Wire Cutters

Please note: You are only purchasing the items to make this pictured Alice Band idea. Instructions are NOT included.

The requested quantity is not in stock, therefore we have adjusted your order quantity to our stock level.

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