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DIY Coin Bracelet

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This wonderfully shimmering coin bracelet is the perfect present for someone special. It’s easy to make and all the items you need can be purchased here as a bundle. Or if you would prefer this bracelet in gold then you can purchase the same items in a gold-plated finish individually on our website.
In addition you will need:
- chain nose pliers
- wire cutters
Measure the chain to match the desired fit around the wrist, cut off it off with the wire cutters and attach the clasp at one end. Put a coin on a jump ring and attach it to the first ring of the chain. Make sure to close the jump ring as tightly as possible so the coin won’t slip out. Spread all of the coins along the length in the same way (we left one ring as a space between each coin) and affix the bigger jump ring at the end. In our idea we added a bit more of the chain to the jump ring and then added the heart charm at the end, but you can attached it straight onto jump ring if you prefer.

Please note: This is just a creative idea and no individual instructions are provided.

The requested quantity is not in stock, therefore we have adjusted your order quantity to our stock level.

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