Designer Gail Be spends 3 years making wedding dress in beads and wire

The most amazing wedding dress in the world has recently been revealed- and it’s made entirely from beads and wire.

Gail Be’s Fantasy dress weighs 400 pounds and took 28 people 3 years to make, using over 995,000 beads and 7 miles of wire. Most of the beads are Swarovski crystals, in vintage cuts shapes and finishes no longer manufactured.

The dress can be seen from all angles in this detailed video showing every bead and how they are intricately strung together. It’s the world’s largest and heaviest beaded dress, made completely from beads with no fabric at all.

Gail Be dress






Lady Gaga is wearing Gail’s creations on the cover of her single with Tony Bennett.

You can find Gail on Facebook here. You can make your own Gail Be inspired designs using our Swarovski Crystals and fine wire.

Choose 24 gauge wire and crystal AB colours to get the look. Incredibly inspirational!