Grand piano by Goldfinch covered in half a million Swarovski crystals

The Crystal Piano from Goldfinch Luxury Pianos is a grand piano that has been painstakingly covered in half a million crystals by multi-disciplinary artist Lauren Baker.

Goldfinch Luxury Pianos are a new brand of pianos. See their incredible works of art and commission a piano of your own here. The piano took months to complete and each crystal was applied by hand, one at a time. The crystals range from 7mm in size right down to a tiny 1mm taking hundreds of hours to apply.


Here’s Lauren applying the crystals to the sides of the piano in her London studio. Click below for a video of the piano in action:

The Crystal Piano


Ultimately, it was decided to encrust the music stand and prop stick with crystals, taking an additional two weeks to complete. Here is Lauren with the piano in it’s new home.


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