Aaliyah Necklace Kit – Tutorial

Aaliyah Necklace
Aaliyah Necklace

A light, ethereal pendant available in delicate pastel colours from I-Beads. The central Swarovski crystal Hamsa hand bestows on the wearer happiness, health and good fortune. In Hebrew, Aaliyah means what is sublime or ascending evoking a light and dazzling dawn. This Aaliyah necklace is a gorgeous, easy-to-make jewellery kit to buy as a treat or gift.

Our kit provides all of the required material to make this wonderful necklace. You will need scissors, tools for wire cutting, looping and closing as well as some glue (not provided with the kit).

Are you ready? Then follow our easy step-by-step guide in pictures on how to make this wonderful necklace.


We hope you enjoyed making this necklace as much as we enjoyed designing it for you. To purchase this beautiful necklace (available in 2 x colours) please click HERE.

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