5 Things You should NEVER DO when Making Jewellery

We all have certain habits when making jewellery, but is what we are doing right? Here are some useful tips from Beadalon on how to make sure you achieve the best results in your projects:

1. Don’t use chain nose or flat nose pliers when you are flattening crimping beads. Always use a crimping tool instead.

2. Don’t add a clasp without leaving enough wiggle room to move on the strand of beads. The beads need space to move once the clasp has been attached.

Capture 1

3. Don’t guess the size of the crimping beads & tubes you need. Always check the label on the beading wire for the correct size to use.

Capture 2

4. Don’t use one crimping tool for EVERY project. There are 3 x different sizes for the crimping tools – Micro, Standard and Mighty. Choose the one that works best on the size of crimping beads you are using.

Capture 3

5. Don’t stick with just one size of beading wire for all of your designs. Choose the largest diameter that will fit the smallest bead hole used in your design.

Capture 4