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Aaliyah Necklace Kit – Tutorial

A light, ethereal pendant available in delicate pastel colours from I-Beads. The central Swarovski crystal Hamsa hand bestows on the wearer happiness, …


Aurora Earring Kit – Tutorial

Make your own stunning Swarovski hoop earrings with this Aurora earring jewellery kit available from I-Beads. Thread the sparkling Swarovski beads and …


Switchback Scarab Bracelet

Switchback is one of the easiest braiding techniques and perfect for showing off these beautiful scarab beads. The ‘switchback’ occurs when you …


Crafty Christmas ideas & inspirations

Discover our new inspiration ideas for the festive season! Create your own handmade decorations and cards with our wonderful collection of charms, …


Acid Rain- Batman by Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker Art Lauren Baker is one of our favourite artists and customers. She creates moving and painstakingly created artwork, often ambitious …