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Tel: 05603 75 00 90

Availability of Semi-Precious Beads

Why are my favourite semi-precious beads not in continuous stock? We tend to think that the semi-precious beads or gemstones are infinitely available. Unfortunately, semi-precious beads are a natural product which means that a specific amount is available at a time. Each semi-precious has a life cycle and sometimes it disappears for a number of reasons. What are the most common reasons that make a semi-precious unavailable?
  • The quality of semi-precious stones that we offer is very important to us. We check every production and if it does not correspond to our standards, we do not supply them.
  • There is a raw material shortage in the market. In most cases, a mine extracts enough semi precious gems to sell for several years. Sometimes a mine is no longer usable for a long period of time. Many factors may prevent the operation of a mine such as the operating cost of machines, the weather or government regulations, for example in China at the time of extraction of turquoise.
  • The material has been completely removed from the mine. This doesn't happen often but is still possible. This happens with some very rare or semi-precious stones mined in a particular region of the globe.
All of these reasons can be applied to all semi-precious stones, pearls or gems in their production cycle. We do our best to have your favourite semi-precious beads in stock while maintaining continuity in quality. From time to time, factors beyond our control disrupt this but please know that we work hard every day to continue to offer the finest collection of semi-precious beads on the web! The finest collection of semi-precious beads on the web!
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