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Tel: 05603 75 00 90

Leaf Pendants & Charms Jewellery Accessories

Galvanised Leaf Pendants & Charms

These handmade Leaf Pendants have been carefully selected, sized and formed while they are still fresh and at the peak of their natural beauty. They have then been electroplated, and given a platinum finish. Use these luxurious platinum coated leaves to create unique pendants. Simply add a chain or leather cord for a minimal but beautiful look. REAL ASPEN LEAF PENDANT ROSE GOLD REAL ELM LEAF PENDANT GOLD REAL SUGAR MAPLE LEAF PENDANT IRRIDESCENT COPPERREAL ROSE LEAF PENDANT SILVER ASPEN Leaf Pendants - Aspen leaves tremble and flutter in the slightest breeze, making a soft whispering sound. BIRCH Leaf Pendants - 1856 a book was published which has since been almost forgotten by the world, The Fairy of the Birch Tree. A Tale for Children about a Prince and Princess. ELM Leaf Pendant - "When the elmen leaf is as big as a mouse's ear, Then sow barley never fear;" Part of a rural planting verse. MAPLE Leaf Pendant - The leaf found on Canada's flag is the maple leaf. It's a symbol used to celebrate the nature and environment that falls into Canadian territory OAK Leaf Pendants - Oak Tree's are also known as King of the Trees because of its height and width, they can live to be 200 years old, not producing acorns until the 7th or 8th decade. ROSE Leaf Pendant - Folklore myth says that a maiden with more than one lover, must write each of her lovers names on separate rose leaves. These leaves are then cast into the wind - the last leaf to touch the ground would bear the name of the lover she should marry.
Leaf Pendants by jo-delfi jewellery design
See our range of Leaf products which include pendants, charms, bead caps, connectors, buttons and much more.
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