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Tel: 05603 75 00 90

Tiny Tassels and feathers jewellery making supplies

Jewellery Making Supplies from I-Beads


Mini Tassel jewellery

Jewellery making supplies form I-Beads have recently been updated to include tiny tassels. Our new tassels are lovely miniature soft cotton tassels which are individually handmade in Greece. Each cute tassel adds a lovely pop of colour and a sense of tribal chic to your jewellery pieces. They are very easy to use because each one comes with a nickel-free jumpring attached. Perfect for charm bracelets, trendy fine gold chain looks and elasticated designs. These jewellery making supplies are also great for adding to greetings cards.

How to make feathers into jewellery

We have recently started to stock feathers as part of our jewellery making supplies.feather_UK Feathers are very light and can be used for almost any jewellery application you care to name. They can be secured with a tiny amount of glue and their fine ends make them very easy to glue inside beads or thread beads onto. The tips of feathers can be gently painted with a craft glue such as Gem Tac and decorated with glitter. Our "pearl feathers" are guinea fowl feathers. They are an ethically collected product, harvested without harming any animals. The attractive spotted feathers are then sterilised , bleached and coloured. Shop at I-Beads for all your jewellery making supplies.
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