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Creating Vintage Style Jewellery with Nunn Design


If you love to create unique jewellery pieces with a hint of Vintage Style then you will love the Nunn Design collection. This range of innovative jewellery findings and tools is available exclusively at I-Beads and allows you to create unique jewellery pieces from your own collection of photographs, artwork and designs. You can set your images into the Nunn Design Vintage style Patera findings using Resin for a beautiful finish.


How to use Nunn Design:

STEP 1: So, to get started you need to select your Nunn Design finding from a range of finishes, sizes and styles. nunn10 nunn11nunn12


Next choose a photograph, image, design or piece of artwork from your own collection or use one of the collage sheets. STEP 3: Punch out image with the corresponding Nunn Design Punch that fits your finding.


STEP 4: Place your image face down and apply a thin layer of the Nunn Design Glue to the back of your image. This is to stop seepage when you apply the gel at a later step. Rinse your paint brush in water and place the image into the base of the finding and burnish well. Note: Nunn Design Glue will be cloudy at first but will dry clear in a couple of hours.

You now have 3 options for finishing your design:



Apply a thin coat of Nunn Design Sealant over the top of the image as a protective coating. Let it dry for 20 minutes in direct sunlight or under a UV Curing Lamp. Expert Tip! If you have streak marks brush a coat in one direction, then while wet, brush in a second direction making a cross hatch pattern. This will smooth out the stroke marks. Gel Du Soleil glaze:


Gel du Soleil is a single part resin, used to create flat or domed glass-like finishes on your findings. Once you have applied a coat of sealant, apply a few drops into your finding. Tip the Patera finding, allowing the Gel du Soleil to evenly coat the image. Keep the Patera level and place in direct sunlight or under a UV light to cure for 20 minutes. Expert Tip! To remove air bubbles, place a match near the surface of the Gel du Soleil. The air bubbles will rise to the surface and dissipate. Vetri Glass domes: nunn17nunn18nunn19 Vetri Glass Domes are a more simple option if you want a quick way to set your images without using the resin. Brush a thin layer of Nunn Design Glue onto the flat bottom of Vetri Glass dome and press down firmly into the finding. Leave to dry.

nunn20If you are new to Nunn Design then I would recommend the Nunn Design starter Kit which contains everything you need to get started. The possibilities are endless and you will have a lot of fun experimenting. Try putting together a tiny collage, make a necklace featuring a picture of your children, or make a unique pendant with your artwork or a photograph.

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