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Tel: 05603 75 00 90

Make your own Crystal Tassel designed by Dorothy Wood

Crisp morning air, sun shimmering in the cob webs by the lakes, frosty twigs on an early mornings walk, candle light casting a velvety glow across the room. Create a wonderful little tassel that is full of atmosphere and elegance. Designed by Dorothy Wood and easy to make this is a mini-project perfect for this time of year. Find the kit HERE. In addition you need: - Scissors - Round-nose pliers - Wire cutters - Snipe-nose pliers
Crystal Tassel Crystal Tassel
1 You will need, skein of light effects thread, crystal, pearl, heishi star spacer, bead cap, bail and wire
Tassel 1 all items Tassel 1 all items
2 Cut the skein of thread in half, leaving the skein band in place, and thread a 15cm (6in) length of wire through the loops.
Crystal tassel 2 Crystal tassel 2
3 Cross the wires over as shown with a shorter tail on one side and twist for about 12mm (1/2in). Snip the shorter tail off.
Crystal tassel 3 Crystal tassel 3
4 Thread the bead cap onto the wire followed by the crystal, heishi star spacer and pearl.
Crystal tassel 4 Crystal tassel 4
5 Using round nose pliers, hold the wire about 5mm (1/4in) from the tips and bend over at right angles (90 degrees).
Crystal tassel 5 Crystal tassel 5
6 Change the position of the round-nose pliers so that you can wrap the wire around to form a loop as shown.
Crystal tassel 6 Crystal tassel 6
7 Tuck the bail into the loop and then holding the loop with snipe-nose pliers, wind the tail around several times to fill the gap. Snip the tail.
Crystal tassel 7 Crystal tassel 7
8 Trim across the bottom of the tassel to shorten and neaten the rough edges. Thread with ribbon to hang on the tree or with a chain for a pendant.
Crystal tassel 8 Crystal tassel 8
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