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Tel: 05603 75 00 90

International Bead Award 2012 – POP-ART

Jewellery and Arts competition - publisher Beaders Best opens international competition with the theme POP ART
Beaders Best announces the second contest of the International Bead Award (IBA) 2012 to support the art of beadwork.
The motto of this contest is POP ART. "Pop" stands for the english word "popular“. The suitablility of mass consume can be or turn to Art.
Strong colours and shapes (two or three dimensional), a certain simplicity, a reference to everyday objects or free abstraction is all possible, also at the same time a smooth succession of objects. Trivial things become original and refreshing. Humor is very important! An international jury manned by five carefully selected people will judge in 9 categories and assign first, second and third prizes.
All entries will be shown on the website of PERLEN POESIE after the jury has finished voting. Website visitors will be able to vote among all these entries for the public award.

For more information visit PERLEN-POESIE.
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