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We are glad to introduce the new amazing DeCoRé epoxy clay! Decoré is a self hardening two part epoxy clay that is ideal for creating bright and sparkly jewellery designs.
DeCoRé - 2 part Epoxy Clay - Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is DeCoRé Clay made from? DeCoRé Clay is 30% resin and 70% ceramic. 
2. Should I bake the DeCoRé Clay? No. DeCoRé Clay is non-baking, air-drying clay. The cure time is 24 hours. 
3. Is DeCoRé Clay a toxic product? No. DeCoRé Clay is non-toxic and odourless. 
4. Do I need to wear gloves? DeCoRé Clay is made of 2 parts Epoxy Clay that should be mixed together for about 4 minutes. We recommend wearing gloves mainly to keep your hands clean while handling the clay. The colour of the clay can stain your hands, especially the darker colours, but it can be scrubbed off with soap and water. Additionally, even though the clay is non-toxic, prolonged exposure to any chemical will cause sensitivity over time. 
5. Will the colour change and will it shrink? The colour of the clay will become lighter once you blend the coloured clay with the white base. Once you have finished blending the clay, the colour will not change further. The clay will not shrink while curing. 
6. How much working time do I have? The working time of DeCoRé Clay is 90 minutes. 
7. Can I combine 2 different colours when mixing the clay? Yes, as long as you have a proportionate amount of white base to combine with the coloured clays. Also if you are looking to achieve a marbled look to your clay, you will want to start with two packages of clay: one white, and one of the second desired colour. You will then mix each clay separately and marble the two lumps together once each colour is properly mixed. 
8. Can the clay still be used if it is hard or clumpy? If the clay is too hard or clumpy, remove the hardened clay from the case and microwave it for 2 sets of 5 seconds. 
9. Will the clay hold a 3-diensional shape without a mould? Yes, the clay is dense enough that it will hold a shape without a mould or bezel. The exact shape and position that the clay is left in will be exactly how it cures. 10. Can I stamp into it? Yes, you can stamp into the DeCoRé Clay. 
11. Can I use ink and paint with it? Yes, but you will need to apply a sealant after the ink or paint has dried to prevent the colour from wearing away.
12. Can I use it in a mould? Yes, but you will need to use some form of mould release, wax or oil to easily remove the clay from the mould. 
13. What materials can I adhere to the clay? You can adhere nearly any material to DeCoRé Clay, including Swarovski Elements crystal, metal, wood and glass. Just make sure that the widest edge of the Swarovski Elements Crystal Chatons or Fancy Stones is even with the surface of the clay. If you press crystals or other embellishments too far down into the clay, cracks can appear. We recommend starting adding the elements on one side of the surface of the clay and work your way out from that spot until the clay is covered. 
14. Can Flat backs be set into DeCoRé Clay? We do not recommend the use of Flat Back Rhinestones. They can pop out of the clay because they do not have pointed backs like Crystal Chatons do. These pointed backs help to root the stone into the clay.

To view our DeCoRé Clay collection please check our Jewellery Clay category.
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