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Swarovski Innovations 2017/18 - The latest additions

Let us introduce you to the latest additions in the Swarovski Innovations collection for Fall/Winter 2017/18
The Swarovski 5810 Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl is part of the new Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection. This pearl has the closest resemblance to a real pearl due to its unique crystal core and innovative pearl coating. It weighs almost the same as a freshwater pearl and also features the same smooth surface making it amazingly authentic-looking. A completely smooth hole is drilled through the middle of the pearl so that the thread does not fray or rip when placed through the pearl. Great in combination with other Swarovski elements.
Also new in the Innovations collection is the Swarovski 6868 cross tribe pendant created by Celine Cousteau. Celine is the granddaughter of the legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau and she decided to collaborate with Swarovski. Her ancestry gave her the inspiration to design this crystal pendant as a way of creating a different style of jewellery piece. Celine also worked with indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon where she painted decorations and studied the tribal tattoos which helped her when designing this amazing pendant.

With the Innovations collection the rivoli fancy stone takes on a new dimension as it leaves its classic round shape behind and becomes oval. This new shape intensifies the rivoli sparkle which is so unique to the rivolis. The new Swarovski 4122 Oval Rivoli offers a wider base for the facetted surface and therefore shines brighter and makes more of a visual impact. The facets on the surface offer a symmetrical pattern and due to this characteristic a wide versatility for jewellery creations.
The crystal has obtained a world-class brilliance through its revolutionary cutting technique that has been developed by Swarovski ever since producing the first cut crystals. This oval rivoli is available in a wide variety of beautiful colours such as the elegant crystal, warm antique pink, mesmerizing blue shade and fluid golden shadow. 

Another beautiful addition to the The Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection is the Swarovski 86564 Pave Vertical Eye Charm. The ‘Evil Eye’ is believed to ward off misfortune and this cross-cultural design is one of Swarovski’s new creations to make symbols more globally understood and accepted. And at the same time expand Swarovski’s reach around the world.
The pave vertical eye charm is made of ‘advanced crystals’ such as Montana, Indicolite and crystal moonlight and many more. These different crystals create a colourful and dazzling effect on the charm. The ‘advanced crystals’ are new to the Swarovski collections as they consist of an innovative lead-free crystal composition. The charms are available in different colours of which we stock the amazing Crystal Silver Night -Crystal AB, Jet Hematite – Black Diamond, Jet - Montana and Jet - Sapphire.
The Swarovski 1088 Xirius Chaton crystal has a specific cut which means it has a surface resembling a starburst due to the 16 alternating facets. Those facets create a superior sparkle which is distinctive to this type of crystal. Despite this being a crystal it does have a strong resemblance to a gemstone which makes this chaton rather unique. The use of high-precision and state of the art technology produce the sparkle which we link to and expect from a Swarovski crystal.
There are so many colours to choose from which makes the Xirius Chaton so versatile for a wide variety of jewellery designs. The newest colour additions to the Swarovski Innovations range are Royal Blue, Dark Red, Royal Green, Royal Red, Ivory Cream and Dark Grey. The Crystal Ivory Cream and Crystal Dark Red add a sense of heritage and authenticity which expands the variety that the chaton crystal already has. Furthermore, the Crystal Royal Green lends the crystal a deep emerald colour. Crystal Royal Blue and Crystal Royal Red create a sense of timelessness as they encompass a variety of styles that have been portrayed through time. Whereas the Crystal Dark Grey has a toned-down shine which gives the crystal a more polished sophisticated look.
A rather fascinating colour is the new Crystal Rainbow Dark. This colour is a fusion of different shades, combined to create a certain effect on the crystal. The effect offers an edginess that creates a younger, more irreverent attitude which reflects a rebellious design statement.
The colour Crystal Rainbow Dark is also available for Swarovski Xilion Bicones. This range of crystals is ever growing with new colours being added continuously. The bicones are named after their revolutionary Xilion cut which creates alternating large and small facets thus resulting in a distinctively higher brilliance and an astonishing reflection. 

We can tell you a lot about those additions and Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18, but you really have to see them for yourself. Pop on over to I-Beads and check out our extensive collection of everything Swarovski.
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