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CELESTIAL NIGHT Beading Contest 2016 - The winners

Who are the winners of our CELESTIAL NIGHT Beading Contest 2016?
It’s been a little over a week now since we announced the winners of our amazing CELESTIAL NIGHT Beading Contest 2016 and we are still in awe about the brilliant pieces we got to see. We had lots of beautiful competition entries and it was a tough choice to whittle them down to just 20 finalists. Not to mention selecting the 3 winners!  After lots of discussing and debating we were able on 07.12.2016 to present to the world our winners, but instead of just 3 we announced 4. Yes, we know, but we just couldn’t make our minds up as those 4 designs just stood out to us. But who are the winners?

In 1st place we have “Asymmetric Constellation” by Justyna Visvikis and it is absolutely out of this world. Justyna says “My bead work is inspired by questions I ask myself about the universe. Indeed, I can't imagine that our galaxy is perfectly symmetric. This is why I decided to create a picture of the universe as I dream it: a large space of stars and meteors creating together a marvellous picture.” And how marvellous it is indeed! An array of different TOHO seed beads, Swarovski bicones, navettes, cabochons, rivolis and various crystals and semi-precious stones make up this outstanding composition that sends you on a journey of discovery. Seeing the design up close you are astounded at the intricate work and how well thought out the arrangement is. The choice of colours is second to none and what appear to be random clusters of beads turn out to be strategically placed when observed closely. For us on earth the night sky can very much appear like a far unorganised open space, but when we watch closely everything has its perfect little place and is in a perfect asymmetric constellation. 

In 2nd place we have “Supernova” by Ekaterina Chakina which also takes inspiration from a poem. Written by Angus & Julia Stone the poem talks about love and how a person can become the star in someone’s life, shining brightly and showing the way. A true Supernova. With her design Ekaterina shows this beautifully. She used trendy metallic tones and different beading techniques such as embroidery, bezelling and peyote stitch and worked her compositions in a fun and trendy way. A really stunning piece that shimmers in the light and draws you in. Simply SPACE-tacular!

In joined 3rd place we have “Our Space” by Irina Maritskaya  and “Mondnacht” by Oxana Fischer.
“Our Space” focuses on planets Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, the moon and the sun in the depth of the universe surrounding the star constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Little meteorites break up this tranquil scene. Not only is this scene illuminated by the sun, this design also comes to life in the dark due to the TOHO Glow-in-the-dark seed beads that were used to represent the constellations. A wonderful composition mirroring the shimmering lights that show at night in a galaxy far away from us. 
Joining this amazing piece in 3rd place is “Mondnacht” which draws inspiration from a poem by Joseph Richendorff that describes the beautiful stillness on earth at night. The composition is very unique compared to the other pieces in the contest and that is what made it stand out. You can feel the tranquil night replacing the day with a calming twilight. The moon rising up high and illuminating the nature around us. Looking up to the celestial night sky the stars are glistening in their splendour you are starting to feel at peace.
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