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New gorgeous Ceramic beads at I-Beads

News and Site Information. | 21/05/2010
Find unique and delicate ceramic beads at I-Beads! A perfect collection for your summer designs.
Summer is upon us so let’s get creative with our colourful new ceramic bead collection from Athens, Greece. Made of fine quality clay., the ceramic beads are handcrafted by local craftsmen according to traditional techniques. Beads are fired at very high temperatures, approximately 1100ºC, and then polished. The beads are then dyed manually between 7 to 12 times, depending on the shade, to obtain a beautiful depth in colour. They are finally glazed using high quality, lead safe, glazes, and fired again 1 to 3 times to get that incredible pearly effect. Each of our ceramic beads is unique and delicate! Reminiscent of the deep blue Greek sea, the bright yellow of the summer sun, the green of the olive trees and the brazen red of berries, this collection is perfect for your summer designs!
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