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Loom DIY Rubber Band Bracelet Kit Viewed: 4931x The huge DIY rubber band bracelet loom craze was begun by the Rainbow Loom, designed and launched from an entrepreneur’s living room. + Read More
Bonfim Da Bahia Brazilian Wish Ribbons Viewed: 5626x This fashionable bonfim ribbon is now seen on the wrist, as part of a hipanema bracelet, or tied to bags for luck when travelling. + Read More
DIY Make your Own African Sunset Necklace Viewed: 2570x The main feature of this long DIY necklace is a new product; our Capiz Shell Donut in hot red. + Read More
Guardian Angel Charm – Donate To Oxfam Viewed: 6306x I-Beads launches a new product in aid of Oxfam. + Read More
DIY Tutorial - Egyptian Gem Collar Necklace Viewed: 5646x Wonderful extravagant easily made gem collar necklace tutorial - make your own. + Read More
How To Make a Brooch - Jewellery Brooch Making Viewed: 2942x I-Beads simple guide to making your own brooch. + Read More
S-Hooks & Calottes - Make Your Own Finish to Jewellery Viewed: 3150x Complete a necklace or bracelet using s-hooks or a calotte. Here's how to use a calotte and how to create your own s-hook. + Read More
Key Pendant Bracelet Step Guide Viewed: 3021x Intermediate level jewellery step by step guide to making a bracelet using key pendant and beads by Swarovski Elements. + Read More
Friendship Bracelet Step by Step Guide Viewed: 3286x Heart shaped friendship bracelets made with DMC Thread. Intertwine 8 threads of 2 colours to create a heart shaped pattern. + Read More
Design Tutorial: Dazzling yellow, wooden BeCharmed necklace Viewed: 2771x Beads, Pearls, Pendants and all other drilled crystal elements can simply be strung onto threads of various sizes and kinds. Endless variations of sequence and color range offer unlimited possibilities for easy-to achieve designs. + Read More
Natural Products & their stock availability Viewed: 2456x Ever wandered why some of our semi-precious gemstones go out of stock? + Read More
Bead & Pendant Wrapped Wiring Viewed: 2535x Here's a guide to create fantastic wrapped beads and pendants, creating fun, different and creative designs for your jewellery. + Read More
Displaying 37 to 48 (of 171 news)

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