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DIY Fringe Necklace

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Inspired by our recent BLOG post about the creation of Native American Jewellery we have created this beautiful fringe necklace made solely with TOHO 15/0 beads and Nymo thread. The diamond-shaped centre was created first with the even Peyote stitch technique. We started in the middle and worked our way to the outside, creating one half. Next we added the contrasting middle line and repeated the previous step to complete the other side. Thereafter the fringe was attached, one strand at a time. Next we created a little loop at the top of the centre-piece by threading beads on and attached the bail which was made with Peyote stitch as well (band sewn together around the loop). Then lastly 3 beaded strands were made to form the necklace.

You can buy all materials we used here as a bundle or select your favourite colours individually from our catalog.

Tools needed:

- Standard Threading Needle

- Scissors

Please note: This is an inspirational idea only. Instructions are not provided.

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