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DIY Honeycomb Bracelet

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Create a summery bracelet in a few easy steps with our honeycomb beads, TOHO Demi Rounds and minimalistic oval clasp set. It's suitable for light day wear, but with a different colour choice or added sparkles it can be worn as a nice evening accessory. Technique used is stringing the beads on nylon thread and wrapping the thread around the cord.

Please note that this is just a creative idea, so full instructions are not provided! You only purchase the material here to re-create this idea.

You will also need:

- Scissors

- Beading needle

- Glue

- (Clip)Board

Here is a little guideline for how we made our bracelet:

Fold the leather cord in half and attach the bigger oval of the clasp set (through small hole) to the middle of the cord with a knot.

If you can, attach the top end with the oval and the 2 cord ends to a board so you can add tension to the cord. It will help you with adding the beads. Start inserting the Demi Rounds now by adding 1 bead, next line 2, then 3, and so on until you get 6 lines (follow the V-Shape of the cord).

Now add 2 Demi Rounds, a honeycomb bead and a further 2 Demi Rounds. In the next line add 2 Demi Rounds, thread through the second hole of the previously used Honeycomb bead and add 2 more Demi Rounds. After this you will just use the honeycomb beads arranging them in a honeycomb pattern. The last and the first vertical bead holes of the consecutive beads sit on top of each other. Keep repeating until you have reached the desired length for your bracelet. Then work your way backwards. Add 2 Demi Rounds, a honeycomb bead and a further 2 Demi Rounds. Do the same for the next line. Then use 6 Demi Rounds and going by lines increase down to 1. Make a knot and cut one of cord end off close to the knot. Add some glue on top of the cut to secure. Insert the other cord end through the small oval and secure with a knot (add a little glue on top to secure). Your new bracelet is ready.

PS: Always try to keep the tension in your cord. For extra security go through the lined up holes a couple of times and wrap the thread around the cord twice before going through the next line of holes.

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