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DIY Boho Necklace

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Create a vibrant boho style necklace in a few easy steps. All you need are some tassels, a chain, a clasp, eternity charms, jump rings, side cutters and flat nose pliers.

Start by measuring the chain to the desired length around your neck, cut off excess (you will need this for the pendant) and add the clasp to the chain ends with jump rings.

Then create your pendant. Attach a jump ring to opposite sides of the big eternity charm, the same for one of the smaller ones and for the other smaller one add a tassel with one of the jump rings. Also, attach a tassel to each side of the big eternity charm.

Now lay the charms out in front of you to see how long you want your pendant to be. Then cut the relevant length (2 x pieces - to go between the charms) off of the chain remnant. Attach the cut off pieces to the charms and your pendant will have a bottom part (small charm with tassel), middle part (small charm) and top part (big charm with 2 x tassels). One of the jump rings on the big eternity charm is the bail .

Thread on the chain you made earlier and you are ready to show off your new jewellery piece.

If you want matching earrings to go with your new creation then check out our our creative idea DES88.

Get the material used in this idea here as a bundel here or order the items individually for your own individual look. Please note pliers and site cutters are NOT included.

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