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Tigers eye quartz round beads 8mm strand (1)

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Hole Size:
Brown - Gold
Tiger Eye Quartz
South Africa, Grade A
In stock
Sold per 40cm strand (Approximately 52 beads) 
Tiger 's eye is a member of the quartz group. It is believed that wearing tiger's eye quartz is beneficial for health and spiritual well-being. Tiger Eye's colour varies from Brown to Golden Yellow; it looks great combined with gold beads and crystal quartz. These tigers eye beads are from South Africa.
by Susan Templar
Date Added: 16/12/2016
This is the first time I've used this Company or even come across their site. I use a lot of Tiger Eye beads and I'm very particular about the quality. I almost didn't buy them as they didn't look very highly polished in the photo. When they arrived I was extremely pleased. First thing I do is to get them under a spotlight, I won't use beads with any surface marks, black lines or grey areas. These beads have a very good polish, good contrast between the yellow and brown. The yellow is a lovely vivid colour. Also, the drill holes are actually 1mm, I often receive beads that state they are 1mm whereas they're more like .8. I'm no expert, but these beads are listed as grade A. I've ordered AAA TE and they haven't been as good. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that its false economy to buy the cheaper strands as you end up throwing most of the beads away (maybe that's just me) Thank you Sue

The requested quantity is not in stock, therefore we have adjusted your order quantity to our stock level.

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