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cc262 - Toho beads 11/0 inside colour crystal/gold lined (10g)

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11°, 2.2mm
Hole Size:
Colour Code:
262 Inside Colour Crystal/Gold Lined
Toho Beads
On order
Sold in lots of 10g (approx. 1000 beads) 
TOHO means "Eastern Treasure". Renowned for the consistency in colour and size, Toho seed beads are perfect for bead weaving, bead loom work and bead stringing.
The term "rocaille" originally described a round, silver-lined seed bead with a square hole, but today the term covers all round seed beads with either a round or a square hole. Frequently rocaille seed beads are not perfectly uniform, which adds to their interest and appeal.
by Sofia Antonova
Date Added: 26/01/2017
Ordered these beads, trusting the photo of the item which is of a clear bead with gold lining, however the photo is misleading as it was most likely done with a flash or manipulated to make them look lighter and clearer than they actually are.. In real life they have a rainbow crystal look: blue/purple/pink shine, and they are much darker, overall making them look dark brown in comparison.

The requested quantity is not in stock, therefore we have adjusted your order quantity to our stock level.

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