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Tel: +44 56 03 75 00 90

Semi-precious Gemstones

Semi precious stones and high quality pearls and at a low price

Gems are natural stones of high quality, corresponding to several qualitative criteria of color, strength and aesthetics, which are usually used in ornament on jewelry.

The gems can be worked into beads to decorate necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. In view of the regular use of these beads in various ornaments, we make a point of honor to offer you only products selected according to strict quality criteria.

Each fine stone is natural and therefore absolutely unique, which is why we are proud to offer gems pearls of the highest quality, resistant to wear, time and various manipulations. You can buy these ornamental stones that you want at low prices, without skimping on quality.

Properties and stories of our Semi precious gemstones :

We offer a large selection of quality gems at low prices, each with different properties and stories. The history of our gemstones are a reflection of their great quality, recognized throughout the ages and eras.

The history and properties of our gemstones are very varied. Here are a list of examples:

- The garnet that we offer in the form of pearls, is considered a sacred stone by some Native American tribes, in which it is a symbol of loyalty and prosperity. Garnet, formerly named red gem, has been used for thousands of years in jewelry. Usually of a predominantly red color, the garnet can be adorned with green or yellow. The garnet gemstones that we offer are adorned with various warm hues, from light red to black. In addition to being particularly resistant, lithological beliefs lend garnet protective properties.

- Used in prehistoric times for its high resistance to shocks as well as for its quality of composition, the Jasper was also a gem very used in antiquity for jewelry making. The Jasper was also used regularly around the 14th century for the manufacture of wall ornaments and engravings. Jasper is a usually red gem, but can be in a wide range of colors. The lithotherapy gives it balancing and reassuring properties, it is therefore regularly used to fight anxiety. Jasper is a gem of very high quality, resistant to shocks and the wear of time, we offer very low price.

Rhodochrosite is present in many continents, as well in America, Europe or Africa. Discovered in Argentique in the 13th century, it will be known internationally only during the 1930s, to the point that rhodochrosite becomes the emblematic stone of his country of origin. Rhodochrosite is a pink colored gemstone that may also have brown or yellow tones. We offer the rare opportunity to purchase rhodochrosite gemstones because it is a gem rarely found in jewelry ornament, because of its hardness and difficulty of shaping. Recognized as the stone of love, we lend rhodochrosite a number of therapeutic properties: lithotherapy gives it powers to fight against stress, mental illnesses and skin problems.

- The tourmaline of our gemstone beads originally has such varied colors that ancient Egyptians thought it came from a rainbow. Pink tourmaline was also the favorite gem of the Chinese empress, Tzu Hsi, in the nineteenth century. The story goes that the Empress loved tourmaline so much that she reserved an entire deposit just for her. Tourmaline is a vitreous gem, which can be in a very wide range of colors. Tourmaline gemstones can therefore be opaque, translucent and even transparent. It is a gem that is very aesthetic, elegant and refined, which it is also customary to offer on Valentine's Day. The lithotherapy gives the tourmaline numerous properties of protection against the bad waves.

Fluorite is a gem used since ancient times in jewelery ornaments, thanks to its vitreous luster and its refined, almost transparent color. Fluorite is a high quality gem, present in a wide variety of colors, from white to light green. It may, in some cases, have a possibility of fluorescence in the dark. It is considered, in lithotherapy, as the stone of freedom and clairvoyance.

This is of course a non-exhaustive list, since all the gemstones we propose have a history and special properties. We are proud to offer gems of the highest quality from all over the world. Whether it's our quartz gems, onyx, labradorite, amazonite, aquamarine, rock crystal, smoky quartz, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, moonstone, amethyst, jade, or other, their properties are widely recognized.

Agate is a fine gem, present in a wide variety of shapes and colors. It is a gem used since Roman times in the form of jewelry, sculptures and other ornaments. Highly resistant to abrasion, the agate that we offer in the form of beads has excellent abrasion resistance. It is also used in lithotherapy to develop concentration and calm anxieties.

Excellent value for money

We offer you a very wide range of pearls and gemstones with an excellent quality-price ratio,. Whatever the pearls of gems chosen by you, they are current or more rare and delicate to cut.

Our range of gemstones is wide and of excellent quality, adapted to all your needs and desires, without tainting your budget. Thus, our gemstones can be cut in various ways, be it in round pearls, polygons, or in a more raw and natural form. We also offer our gemstones mounted on chains of vermeil, in the form of unique pendants, round pearls, pearls chips, pebble beads and even carved in cabochons.

These quality gems at low prices can be presented in various forms and assemblies. It allows you to find the perfect product for your needs and your budget, even if it is small.

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