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Tel: +44 56 03 75 00 90

Welcome to I-BEADS, your Swarovski Beads Store, Gems, Miyuki and Jewelry Making Accessories Online

Jewelry creation is an increasingly attractive universe, but in which the new creator can easily be lost. Faced with a multitude of offers in the field of fantasy jewelery on the Internet, we chose to offer quality, without it being at the expense of the price of our items. .

We present to our customers certified quality brands, which are recognized in the jewelery and costume jewelery market. We have trusted them for many years. We also favor the diversity of products, for all types of jewelry: elegant, refined, ethnic, eccentric, Gothic, you will find here for all tastes! Our goal is to satisfy you and to keep you loyal, in order to design with you new jewels and accessories. .

I-BEADS, quality at unbeatable prices.

Professionals as individuals, you will find in our online store of beads and accessories all that you need to create unique jewelry, or customize accessories. Whether for large quantities of items or simply retail, we put the same point of honor to offer you the best articles: Our Swarovski crystal beads, Toho seed beads, Miyuki pearls, Murano beads, wooden beads, or our Gemstone beads. We also have freshwater cultured pearls, for sophisticated and elegant jewelry, or glass and bohemian facets. Our collection of natural stone beads is very wide: the quartz bead, lapis lazuli, labradorite, tiger's eye, lava beads ... .

Each item used in the construction of a new jewel is carefully selected and selected by us, among the most elegant, classic or modern, solid and brilliant. We also offer a wide range of yarns, chains and cords, all-purpose primers and clasps of all shapes. Bails, crimp beads, crimping elements for Zwarovski, cabochons, as well as tools for the manufacture of your parts, packaging and complete kits are present. The charms are not left behind, thin and elegant, timeless, or modern and colorful. They are usable on all types of jewels and supports, ideal also for all the amateurs of the personalization of accessories. And we know more and more, which drives us to always innovate to satisfy them. You will realize all the pretty trinkets or beautiful jewels of your choice: with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, barrettes, rings and Co! Free to let you sail and wander your imagination (which we know most fertile)! Thus, gold plated, silver, metal, stainless steel, golden brass or copper, and the most beautiful colored ribbons. There is something for everyone, and in the most beautiful brands. If you are seduced by the current ethnic charms and charms, skulls, suns, rings, charms connectors, medals or if you prefer the pendants in hearts or flowers more classic, you will be filled. .

All materials in the best brands

I-Beads, it is also and above all the guarantee of choice in the materials and the best brands of the jewelery market. .

Our brands and references are the most prestigious: Zwarovski of course, also maize Prism, Préciosa, Nunn Design or DMC. This list is not exhaustive and you will be dazzled over the pages by the richness of our parts. .

We also allow you to create different jewelry, made in different pasta! .

The best known is the fimo paste, malleable at will, and that we can color or sand even after cooking. .

Corn there is also the precious metal clay, allowing the realization of silver jewelry. .

And what about the DeCoRé paste, a real favorite of our collection, which can ideally be customized with Swaroski elements and Toho seed beads? They are to discover absolutely, whether you are amateur or professional. .

An interactive and didactic shop.

I-Beads does not just sell jewelry pieces. Here, the amateurs of creative hobbies can benefit to start pretty, simple and didactic creation kits. Subsequently they will be able to embark on more complicated models and become real designers and creators of jewelry. .

We sell more than 15,000 products, but we want to accompany you in your creations. So, do not hesitate to share your ideas, your requests, to exchange your opinions on our Facebook page, which enchants us and inspires us! .

Member of the European group LMDC, based in France I-Beads I am a company with a passion and a passion for business, I am a professional trader in the field of finance and trade. .

You will find on this site a DIY page with creative ideas, as well as the list of elements that compose it and are here for sale. Vintage ring, owl brooch, dragonfly bracelet, key pendant and padlock and pompom earrings will have no secrets for you. .

The tutorial accompany our kits to make parts of all kinds, also telling you what tools you need. The creations of our I-Beads uses are also in the spotlight, as well as contests open to all. .

A complete offer for all .

Thanks to these article choices and these different services, we strive to remain efficient,

responsive and attentive to our customers. To innovate, to find new products, and to offer you the elements of the best quality that will be our priority. .

Do not wait any longer: browse our pages and let yourself be seduced. Go at your own pace in the creation of your jewelry, without forgetting to ask us for all the advice you need. .

Professionals, you also have the opportunity to create an account on our website, with which you can track your orders and deliveries, ask us for information and quotes for wholesale. .

Do not hesitate to ask for the articles and references of your choice, so that we can satisfy you. .

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