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Tel: +44 56 03 75 00 90

Rose Quartz Pendant for Perfume 26x17 mm (1)


Available quantity : 1
  • Weight : 4.52 g
  • Material : Rose quartz
  • Color : Pink
  • Conditioning : 1

Rose Quartz Pendant for Perfume 26x17 mm (1) This pendant jewelry is made of genuine faceted rose quartz and golden stainless steel. The cap is unscrewed in order to be able to introduce inside the perfume of your choice.
Rose Quartz owes its characteristic color to manganese, titanium and also to the inclusions of otierite found there. It can be in a transparent or opaque form. Its color varies from pale pink to dark pink. Its quality is often evaluated based on its color nuances, rather than its clarity. Semi-precious stone, Rough Rose Quartz is a rock that is found in large quantities in Brazil, Madagascar and even Poland.
Its beauty is largely related to its soft, soothing color and its ability to catch light. It is a stone that is defined by the femininity and purity that emanates from it. Its color and transparency adapt to all age groups and always delicately highlight the part of the body on which it is worn. It has the ability to catch light in a unique way, and that's often when she reveals her true beauty.

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