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Jewelery glue for flatback and cabochon 80ml (1)


Available quantity : 21
  • Origin : Germany
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Jewelery glue for flatback and cabochon 80ml (1) "Jewelry glue for flatback and cabochon 80ml (1) Gemstones catch the light and they give every deco and accessory an enchanting look. To ensure that the small gemstones hold, KREUL gemstone glue is applied on mirrors, wooden boxes, lanterns, vases or picture frames.The fine spout allows for precise gluing, so that the gems are aligned on belts, hair clips or bags. completely dry solvent-free glue, it appears transparent.
For precise bonding of gemstones on paper, cardboard, wood, polystyrene, plastic, terracotta, ceramics, stones, fabric
With fine tip for precise bonding of gemstones
transparent dryer
Solvent free
Gems to be applied using a generous application of glue
Decorated fabrics washable up to 30°C in a small laundry bag
For XXL Gems on textile, hand washing is recommended. Surfaces
For decorating wood, paper, cardboard, ceramics, plastic, terracotta, stones, glass, fabric, polystyrene, mirrors, canvas, canvas"

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