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Tel: +44 56 03 75 00 90

cc222 - Toho hexagon beads 2.2mm dark bronze (10g)


Available quantity : 4
  • Material : Glass
  • Shape : Hexagon
  • Color : bronze
  • Width : 2,2 mm
  • Hole : 1.3 mm
TOHO means "Eastern Treasure". Renowned for the consistency in colour and size, Toho seed beads are perfect for bead weaving, bead loom work and bead stringing.
TOHO HEXAGON beads are six-sided. They are the perfect size for bead weaving, looming, and embroidery. With a larger hole size, it is the smart choice for intricate designs that require several needle passes. Whether you are embroidering a cardigan or weaving a handbag, these beads will make your designs shine. Pick from a wide choice of different colours, finishes and shapes to find exactly what you are looking for!

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