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Tel: 05603 75 00 90
Tel: 05603 75 00 90

Headpins rose gold filled 0.5x38mm (5)

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  • Material : Rose gold 14k filled
  • Length : 50 mm
  • Width : 0,4 mm
Gold filled means real gold mechanically bonded to a brass core. Gold filled items contain at least 1/20th of their total weight in gold, hundreds of times thicker than gold plating. Headpins are a jewellery making necessity. Similar to a traditional pin, they are a metal stick with a horizontal piece of metal on the end. This piece helps the beads stay on the pin. You can use them for many jewellery designs such as charm bracelets to create the dangly charms. THESE METAL COMPONENTS ARE NICKEL FREE. Perfect item for your jewellery making.

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