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Precious Metal Clay Jewellery – Step by Step Guide

Precious Metal Clay contains Fine Silver (99.9%) and is perfect for creating unique silver jewellery. The clay is made up of small silver particles combined with a non-toxic binder making it safe to work with and easy to use.
Originally developed in Japan during the 1990s, Precious Metal Clay jewellery is made from clay-like substance that when fired in a kiln or with a torch becomes dense like metal. Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is made by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation using ground silver particles, a non-toxic binder and water. During firing the binder burns off and the water evaporates, leaving you with a piece that is 99% pure silver. As such, it can be hallmarked as Fine Silver.


Precious Metal Clay Jewellery Crafting

We sell the third generation of Precious Metal Clay (PMC3), which is a more advanced version of PMC Regular and PMC+. PMC3 is easier to mould as it dries more slowly than other forms of clay and it shrinks less during the firing process. The lower temperature level needed to fire PMC3 also makes it ideal for stone setting and for use with more traditional metals.

PMC can be moulded by hand and with moulds, it can be carved, and engraved, imprinted with leaves, carvings and other materials, and decorated with glass or enamels. It can be combined with other materials including temperature-tolerant stones, ceramic beads and other metal findings.

PMC can also be re-fired more than once to repair surfaces and joints or to solder new pieces. It is truly a revolutionary material opening a whole new world to today’s jewellery makers without the high investment cost or training required when working with metals.

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