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Tel: +44 56 03 75 00 90

I-Beads Company Profile

I-Beads Company Profile

I-Beads The Story

I-Beads is a father and daughter success story starting back in 2004. Peter Sykes, an experienced entrepreneur, having travelled far and wide on his various business ventures, decided to launch a beading website in France. Beads, he thought, were a versatile product used in many different crafts. Additionally, light weight and small, they were the perfect product to sell online and distribute worldwide. The website was launched and proved an immediate success. Annabel, Peter’s daughter, always loved jewellery and all things sparkly (no doubt influenced by her favourite childhood film The Secret of Nimh). As the French sales grew, Annabel launched the UK website and together father and daughter moved the operations to London. Fresh on their success, they launched websites in Switzerland, Germany, Austria as well as one catering for the remainder of the EU countries and beyond. With the arts & crafts market in full swing, I-Beads now sells beads, jewellery findings, and craft supplies to a whole range of customers from beginners to professional designers and retailers. There are few geographical locations I-Beads hasn’t sold to and with its efficient warehouse and experienced customer service team proficient in 3 languages, it has turned into a truly global operation. The vision At the core of everything I-Beads does are its customers. Our vision is to sell the best possible products from around the world to our customers whomever they may be. It is getting easier for individuals to source products directly but I-Beads takes the pain out of the process and adds incredible service to the mix. I-Beads has established excellent relationships with core suppliers over the years and ensures that all our products are of the best quality and priced at the best possible price. The products Peter and Annabel have always searched for the new and unusual. Every year they attend fairs across Europe and take their annual trip to Tucson to seek out the latest trends and techniques in jewellery making, craft and design. This is how I-Beads has always been the first to launch products on the European market such as Kumihimo, Nunn Design, TierraCast, Silver Silk and more. In 2008, I-Beads added over 1,000 Toho seed beads to its collection and still has to this day one of the largest collection of seed beads in Europe. Currently, I-Beads sells exclusively to the UK an exciting range of settings made especially to fit Swarovski Elements fancy stones. Easy to use, customers can set the crystals into the metal claws or fix using a little glue. These high quality settings are handmade in Europe and are guaranteed nickel free. The versatility of crystal jewellery settings allows customers to design elaborate handmade jewellery by using pre-made necklace, earring, bracelet or ring settings or by using individual setting pieces. The individual pieces can be sewn on garments or accessories or meshed together using wire to create exceptional collar necklaces or bracelets. I-Beads has the very best range of Swarovski Elements, sold in retail and wholesale quantities to suit everyone’s needs. For the past four years, I-Beads has organised European Design Competitions with Swarovski Elements and participated in Treasure during London Jewellery Week. These competitions significantly improved the profile of the company with coverage in a number of mainstream media. Hundreds of designers have participated in this fabulous opportunity to give expression to their creative talents and gain greater exposure for their work. I-Beads’ vision has always been to support the so called DIY-jewellers and show off the skill and design involved in making spectacular jewellery pieces. Finally, I-Beads is currently the only retailer of Swarovski Gems in Europe. These are precision cut from the purest raw material and polished to perfection. Tests by diamond laboratory experts based on the grading standards of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), confirm the new Swarovski Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia offers the same brightness as a Tolkowsky Diamond! This is a product that is rapidly becoming a fantastic alternative to real gems in the jewellery making industry and I-Beads makes it available to all. Promotional gifts I-Beads is always keen to help its customers, whether it be by sourcing that particular bead cap they can no longer find, providing items in wholesale quantities directly on the website, organising the manufacture of a particular element or on a larger scale putting together gifts or kits for events or special occasions. With its extensive supplier contacts, I-Beads has successfully responded to a growing demand by large corporates and retailers for extremely well priced promotional gifts. Frequently these will include Swarovski Element beads and pendants. I-Beads is able to work with the client to create a suitable gift based on their criteria and price point and then manufacture and deliver. Over the years, I-Beads has worked with established companies across Europe providing 1,000 of gifts for promotional needs. If you are looking for something that no one else has, I-Beads will help you find it or make it!
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