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The winning contest piece

asymmetric_constellationWho is the person who won our CELESTIAL NIGHT Beading Contest 2016? It’s been a little while now since we announced the winners of our amazing CELESTIAL NIGHT Beading Contest 2016 and we are still feeling honoured to have seen so many beautiful designs pieces. The competition was big and it was a tough choice to select our 20 finalists. And not to mention selecting the 3 winners! After lots of discussing and debating we were able to make the announcement of who won on 07.12.2016. One design piece clearly stood out from all other creations and the name is “Asymmetric Constellation”. It was created by Justyna Visvikis and it is absolutely out of this world! Swarovski bicones, navettes, cabochons, rivolis and various crystals and semi-precious stones make up this outstanding composition that sends you on a journey of discovery. Seeing the design up close you are astounded at the intricate work and how well thought out the arrangement is. The choice of colours is second to none and what appear to be random clusters of beads turn out to be strategically placed when observed closely. For us on earth the night sky can very much appear like a far unorganised open space, but when we watch closely everything has its perfect little place and is in a perfect asymmetric constellation. asymmetric_constellation1 But who is the person behind the design. We asked Justyna to tell us a little bit about herself. Here is her story. I was born in Poland in 1985 and lived until I was 18 with my parents in the small city of Jedlina-Zdroj, 160 km far away from the boarder of Germany, and 20 km from the boarder of Czech Republic. In 2004, I started to study the topic of History of Arts and Archeology in the Sorbonne, in Paris, France. In 2009, I was graduated with a Master's degree. Since my youth, I was interested in crafting, and about arts, did some paintings and photography, and in 2009, I discovered the Toho and Miyuki beads. Then, my creative journey started. I had the opportunity to get a job in the french crafting shop, first as a sales assistant, then as a team leader, and lastly as the creator of the brand. While I was discovering creators such as Diane Fitzgerald, Sabine Lippert, Marcia DeCoster, Maggie Meister, Sherry Serfini, I learned the most complex weaving technics, and understood the great potential of the pearls I was using. During the two last years, I've found my way as a creator, and became enthusiastic with asymmetry in jewellery. As a follower of Haute Couture and Jewellery, I try to break the habits and codes, and to do some little masterpieces. Justyna Visvikis We are sure Justyna is destined for a great future as a jewellery designer. Her contest entry already is a little masterpiece! We simply adore the design and will proudly showcase it for her in our office and on special events. Read more about the winning pieces of the CELESTIAL NIGHT beading contest 2016 in our NEWS.
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