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Switchback Scarab Bracelet

Switchback is one of the easiest braiding techniques and perfect for showing off these beautiful scarab beads. The ‘switchback’ occurs when you take the cord in one direction over and under then turn and repeat in the opposite direction. When working the switchback pull the cords fairly taut and keep closely packed for a firm braid. You need: 1mm wax cotton cord LEA 105, 108, 114 Scarab bead CSP831, 827, 830 Eyepins, gold or silver Two 5mm jump rings, gold or silver Lobster clasp F012 (gold) or F014 (silver) Two 5mm ribbon crimps F081 (gold), F135 (silver) Tools required: - scissors - chain nose pliers - round nose pliers - wire cutter - macramé board or other hard surface - clips or drawing pins to secure cords Instructions to make a 17.5cm long bracelet: (for a bigger size - for every additional 1cm add 5mm braiding per side at step 2) Step 1: Feed the scarab bead onto the eyepin. Bend the tail over at 90 degrees and trim tail to 7mm. Make a loop with round-nose pliers. Adjust loops with pliers so that they are level at each end. Cut two 80cm pieces of wax cotton cord and two 30cm lengths. Attach a short length using a lark’s head knot to each eyepin loop (take both ends of one piece down through an eyepin loop and then pass through the loop of cord before pulling up). Step 2: Tape to the worksurface or secure the four cord ends into a macramé board. Pass a longer length of cord under two cords and position in the middle. *Take the left cord and take it down between the two vertical cords and out under the right vertical cord. Take the top right cord and pass it down between the vertical cords and out under the left vertical cord. Repeat from * until you’ve worked 7cm of switchback braid. Step 3: Secure the cords the other way up and repeat the switchback on the other pair of cords. Tie the horizontal cords in a reef knot at the front. You can add a dot or two of jewellery or superglue to secure the knot. Trim the tails and then secure inside the ribbon crimp end with pliers. Attach the lobster clasp with a jump ring to one end and just add a jump ring to the other end. To finish, lay the bracelet upside down on an ironing board and blast with a few shots of steam to revitalise the wax and firm up the braid. Leave flat to cool. scarab_bracelet_tut All materials used to make these gorgeous bracelets (tools can be purchased separately) can be found HERE.
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