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How to Make a DIY switchback bracelet by Dorothy Wood

DIY switchback bracelet by Dorothy Wood.

Everything provided in the pack here.

Switchback multi bracelet

Switchback multi bracelet

Switchback is an easy technique that makes a quick chevron braid. Work the braid fairly tight so that there are no gaps and the braid feels firm. To make the bracelet you will need: 6mm round beads – approx. 20 6mm facetted beads – approx. 20 Size 8 seed beads 0.7mm satin knotting cord 0.5m S-lon thread two 19mm ribbon clips lobster clasp two 5.5mm jump rings scissors, flat or snipe nose pliers and nylon jaw pliers (optional) Cut a 50cm and 1.5m length of satin cord. Fold the short length in half and tape to the work surface. Take the left horizontal cord over the left and under the right vertical cords. Pull the cord through. swichback multi 1Take the top right cord over the right and under the left vertical cords. Pull the cord through to the left. Take this same cord now on the left back over and under the vertical cords to the right.swichback multi 2 swichback multi 2aRepeat step 2 until the switchback braid is 15cm long (for a 17.5cm standard size bracelet). Adjust the length to suit your wrist size.swichback multi 3Tie an overhand knot at the end of remaining satin cord. Thread on a clear bead and tie another loose knot. Put a pin into the loop and use to guide the knot down to the bead as you tighten. Add about 20 beads with knots in between. swichback multi 4String about 20 coloured beads onto strong thread with a seed bead in between each bead. String seed beads onto another length of strong thread. Make each bead string the same length as the switchback and tie overhand knots to secure.switchback multi 6 Cut four 4 x 18mm pieces of thin card. Apply a little strong glue onto one piece and lay the bead strings along the card as shown. Stick a second piece on top. Leave to dry then trim cords. Switchback multi 7Cross the coloured bead string and seed bead string over to the opposite side of the switchback braid. Cross the clear beads over the top of all braids to the other side. Attach two more pieces of card. Once the glue is dry, tuck the card inside the ribbon clips and close with pliers (nylon jaw preferably). Attach a jump ring to each end and a lobster clasp to one end to finish.

Everything provided in the pack here.

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