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What is Drusy (or Druzy) made of and where is it from?

What is Drusy?

The I-Beads buyers love the sparkle of Drusy. We recently went to the Tucson Gem Shows 2015 in the USA where they found lots of this amazing sparkly rock. The name is from the old High German "druos" for bump. drusy Drusy is a description of the surface of a rock or mineral. It means "covered in crystals". The origins of the word is from 19th Century Old High German "druos" meaning bump.(Reference: The reference to Old German reminds me that a lot of gemstones, particularly quartz, were mined and worked in the German town of Idar-Oberstein. The town is still a popular tourist destination full of stories, rocks and crystals. Drusy Ovals The beautiful surface of each piece is covered in tiny pointed and faceted crystals, which reflect the light and glitter in the most amazing way whichever way you look at it.
Our Drusy is most likely to be from Brazil. Each piece has been thinly coated with fantastic coloured metallic surfaces using an advanced and permanent technique called Physical Vapour Deposition. Magic!
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