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Swarovski- From a dream to reality

We have been a certified Swarovski retailer for many years and have become a proud member of the Swarovski family. Providing a great service and high quality products has been a major part of our past, present and future. Therefore the story of how Swarovski has grown into the flourishing company it is today is part of our story. So we felt we should share this little gem with you. daniel with machine In 1891 Daniel Swarovski envisioned creating a ‘diamond for everyone’ and made this dream a reality by inventing an electric cutting machine. This machine had such an accurate and revolutionary cutting technique that it marked the start of a new type of crystal and effectively marked the creation of the modern jewellery that we know today. In 1895 Swarovski was established as a company, originally known as K.S & Co because of A.Kosman, Daniel Swartz & Co who funded the creation. The company started by setting up a factory in Tyrol, Austria. logo s The first Swarovski logo was created in 1899 when the company officially became Swarovski. The Edelweiss was selected because it was a noble flower which reflected the Austrian origin of the crystal as well as the company. In 1919 Daniel Swarovski created Tyrolit. This was, and still is, one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative engineering solutions. This enabled Swarovski to provide grinding and polishing tools to perfect their crystals. 1932 saw Swarovski make its first appearance on screen through Marlene Dietrich who dazzled everyone with her jewellery in the film ‘Blonde Venus’. Daniel Swarovski’s son created the first Swarovski binoculars in 1949 and this eventually created Swarovski Optik. This was a new and creative way of expanding the already famous and growing business. Over the next few years Swarovski continued to expand and develop his ideas by introducing the new Swarflex (in 1950) and the Aurora Borealis effect which was when the crystal would present every colour of the rainbow. Daniel Swarovski died in 1956 at the age of 93. However his legacy and brilliant mind continued to live. In 1965 the Swarovski Gemstone was created and the company continued to create these precision cut crystals for the following 51 years and are expected to keep going. From 1965 Swarovski started to add crystals to all kinds of things such as light fittings, crystal figurines and many other objects. During the winter Olympic games in Innsbruck in 1976 crystal figurines were given to many of the athletes who competed. The very first Swarovski shop opened in 1983 which was named Silver Crystal Suite. The store sold many of the figurines created; unfortunately it was burgled on the very first day it was opened. In 1988 Swarovski started to branch out and decided to connect to royal families such as the Thai royal family. They created Marigot Jewellery Ltd in Thailand which is now the biggest supplier of Swarovski jewellery. Swarovski eventually changed its logo in 1989 when the crystal swan was created. They picked a swan because it represents being at home in every continent and the worldwide connections they have established over the decades. In 2004 Swarovski developed the Xilion Cut which increased the brilliance of the crystal. Once again Swarovski had stunned the jewellery world with a new innovation. In 2007 Swarovski took part in the 79th Annual Academy Awards. Hollywood dazzled as Swarovski created a 34-foot crystal curtain, sparkling with over 50,000 crystals. From that day Swarovski continues to work with The Oscars. For the following 5 years Swarovski continued to explode with ideas and released Swarovski watches, Swarovski entertainment and its first perfume. In 2012 the Xirius 1088 crystal, named after the brightest star in galaxy, is released. This was the first crystal of the new durable generation created by Swarovski. 2013 was the year where Swarovski continued to expand and started the Swarovski foundation, which promoted well-being, human rights and the conservation of natural resources. Furthermore Swarovski brought in many new jewellery brands in order to extend its family in the jewellery world. Since 2014 Miranda Kerr is the face of Swarovski. She advertises the many qualities that Swarovski has to offer such as the radiance and versatility of the jewellery collections which capture different styles and timeless fashion. With such an amazing history Swarovski has enabled people to create some of the most incredible pieces of jewellery in the world. If you feel inspired to create your own work or simply want to discover the sparkling world of Swarovski then visit our fantastic collection HERE.
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