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Using Delica beads with Miyuki Slide Tubes

Make a simple Herringbone stitch bracelet using our new Miyuki Slide Tubes and our lovely new Delica Bead Mixes with our classic Toho 11/0 beads in toning colours. This bracelet is slinky as well as hand-woven, it can be worn twisted or flat and it's relatively simple to make. I used one 5g packet of Miyuki Delica Lavender Garden mix with pink Nymo D, some Beadsmith Needles and a pair of 20mm Miyuki Slide Tubes. I chose gold plated tubes but you could use silver plated. No need for glue- the tubes are very secure as they are. Herringbone_braceletTo begin, make a foundation row of 12 delica beads using ladder stitch and weave 11 rows of herringbone stitch. Finish by ladder-stitching the eleventh row into a straight line as shown on the right. Leave spare thread sticking out. Gently push Miyuki Slide Tube on to the longer side of the herringbone woven pieces, where you began. Flip the ends of the tubes down to secure them. Make two of these pieces, one for each end.slider_fiona Herringbone_bracelet_3 Herringbone_bracelet_4 Herringbone_Bracelet_5 Locate your spare thread on the edge of one strip and thread delica beads onto it, bead on bead. To do this, make a scooping movement with your needle into the top of the bag or pile of beads, then when the needle is full, swish them down the thread with your fingers. When you think the line of seed beads is long enough to form a bracelet including the ends and clasp parts, secure the centre strand to the other end by circling around and through some beads in nearby rows firmly. Do exactly the same, this time travelling in the opposite direction, and so on, until you have attached 12 strands of beads between the woven pieces. Vary the beads as you wish, choose your own Toho 11/0 beads in toning colours. Fasten off the thread firmly and weave away all the ends, losing them in the work before trimming them. Finally, attach your favorite style of clasp and there you are. A lovely spring/summer bracelet. Herringbone_bracelet_2 The slide tubes are perfect for finishing any work made with small seed beads, their use is not limited to delica beads. Miyuki Slide Tubes fit strips woven with 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads too. Miyuki Slide Tubes come in three sizes; small, medium and large, 15, 20 and 35mm. Have fun experimenting with them!
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