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Bonfim Da Bahia Brazilian Wish Ribbons

Brazilian wishing bracelets Staff at I-Beads make three wishes

Bahia ribbons, or "fitas" are a traditional part of the historic mixture of Afro-Brazilian Candomblé faith and Catholicism, centred around the Senhor Do Bonfim church in Bahia, Salvador. The ribbons, originally representing a "measure" or length of the forearm of the statue of Christ on the original altar, were worn around the neck to hold wax charms, often carved in the likeness of the part of the body which required healing. Bahia is regarded as a place of healing by many, and the brightly coloured fitas thickly festoon the church gates.

This fashionable ribbon is now more commonly seen on the wrist, or tied to luggage for luck when travelling. It is traditionally knotted three times, to represent three wishes, and worn until it falls off on its own. Superstitious belief dictates that the ribbon should always be given, never bought and should always be tied on by another, and that if you cut it off or remove it before it wears out then your wishes will not come true. Buy your ribbons fresh from I-Beads direct from Brazil here The colours represent different gods, the Orixa of the Candomblé faith and are loosely associated with the following meanings; Yellow success Green progress Light blue love Dark blue well being Red passion Pale Pink gentleness Hot Pink companionship White inner peace Purple spirituality Orange bravery There is some further reading about the historic place from which these lucky ribbons come here in this travel blog. Further reading about the Orixas can be found here. Colourful interior decoration inspired by the ribbons can be found here and gallery art featuring wish ribbons here.
Senhor Do Bonfim Ribbons Bonfim Ribbons tied for luck to church gates
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