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Applying Swarovski Flatback Crystals - Non-Hotfix

Customise your clothing, accessories and craft projects with sparkling Swarovski Flatback Crystals. The non-hot fix crystals are designed for use on nearly every surface by fixing them with glue, as unlike the Hotfix Crystals, these do not have the glue backing.


Here are our instructions for applying Swarovski Elements Non-Hotfix Crystals to help you to get the optimal results and maximum adhesion. Create a Cavity When gluing the flat back crystals onto a solid surface it is usually best to create a cavity as shown in the image below. The cavity protects the crystal from external stresses, for a stronger and longer lasting adhesion.

New Picture 12222

Surface Tension The surface tension is an indicator of how appropriate a surface is for use with the non-hotfix crystals. To check if your surface is suitable, you can follow this simple test using a pen. New Picture (29)1
  • Before gluing, mark the surface using an ink pen
  • If the ink remains visible for 2 seconds, the surface is suitable for gluing.
  • If the ink disappears or forms bubbles, the surface is unsuitable. If this happens you can then try the following pre-treatment and cleaning methods.
Pre-Treatment If the surface tension is unsuitable for use with the flatback crystals then there are a number of different treatment and cleaning methods you can use:

New Picture (15)2

Glue Choosing the correct glue for applying the crystals is very important and depends on the surface. Use this table to find the correct glue for your project:

New Picture (16)2

Applying to Silver Silver jewellery is often treated with a temporary wax based or varnish based coating to stop the silver tarnishing over time. To ensure that the piece is able to firmly fix the crystals in place, you can remove this using an alkaline solution or a heat treatment. Now you are ready to start applying your get customising! Add sparkle to mobile phone cases, clothing, nails, shoes and much more! If you have any problems while applying the crystals then check this troubleshooting guide:

New Picture (17)2

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