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How To Apply Swarovski Elements Hotfix Crystals

What are Swarovski Elements Hotfix Crystals? Swarovski Elements HOTFIX Crystals are loose crystal components designed for adding touches of sparkle to clothes, shoes, bags and home accessories. Hotfix Elements have a coating of hot-melt glue on the back which is activated by heat to bond the crystal with your fabrics. The unique Swarovski Hotfix glue is also easy to clean and is machine-washable making it ideal for customising your clothing and fabric accessories.


  1. Swarovski Crystal
  2. M-Foiling: this specially developed coating guarantees optimal brilliance and adhesion with the primer.
  3. Primer: the coloured primer improves the bond between the glue and the foiling.
  4. Hotfix glue: this transparent glue, specially developed by Swarovski, enables the application of crystals onto various carrier materials.
How can I be sure that my fabric is suitable for use with Swarovski Elements Hotfix Crystals? Simple! The Hotfix Crystals are only suitable for use with porous materials so the optimum bond can only be achieved if the fabric can absorb the glue. Try our easy water drop test to indicate whether or not the fabric is suitable for use with Hotfix. If the fabric is unsuitable or has a waterproofing finish, it will not absorb drops of water or glue, if the water is absorbed then you can start adding your crystals. TIP: If you like to wash your clothes with a softener then it may be best to give the item of clothing a quick wash first, as occasionally the softener can interfere with the glue bonding correctly. How do I apply the Swarovski Hotfix Crystals? By far the best and most simple tool to use is the Professional Touch Hotfix Applicator. You can also use an iron, although this isn't as precise.

New Picture (1)

This pen applicator is great value for money and very to use. It contains 8 interchangeable tips to fit: 2mm - 9mm size flat backs. New Picture (5)

1. Select the correct tip for your Crystal.

2. Pick up the crystal and place it onto the item of clothing, which should be on a hard, flat surface.

3. Press the adapter firmly onto the crystal at a right angle and activate the device. Release the crystal and watch your design sparkle!

Now you are ready to start adding some sparkle and bringing your old clothes and accessories back to life. Hotfix are perfect for using on bags, belts, shoes, sandals, clothing, cushions and much more - release your creativity! CAUTION: We know it’s hard to wait but you need to leave at least 24 hours, to allow the glue to fully dry, before wearing or washing your garment. Very fine fabrics such as organza, smooth leather, imitation leather, tightly woven polyamides and fabrics with a silicone or wax finish may not be suitable for Hotfix application due to insufficient absorbency.
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